The last time I did a video like this unicorns roamed the earth and cars did not drive themselves. But as surely as the seasons change, the same thing happens online.

It’s just that the seasons are shorter.

Video has come a long way in 3 years. It’s no longer sufficient to say this or that camera is best. You’ll be much happier if you know where you are on the Comfort Continuum.

In this video you’ll find out where that is for you, and what cameras to be taking a serious look at.

Hope you like it. And let me know below what your tool of choice is these days!

    12 replies to "The Best Camera For Making YouTube Videos – UPDATED Pt. 1"

    • Jim Cliff

      Great video as usual Steve. Couldn’t agree more with your choices – the cameras on smartphones are amazing these days and just right for beginners.

      As for webcams, many laptops come with cameras built in, and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of many of them, especially on MacBooks.

      I’m really looking forward to seeing what you recommend for the Aspirants and the Senseis

      • Steven Washer

        And it’s amazing to me that at the Novice end of the spectrum, HD is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a requirement.

    • Jeff Harrison

      Looking forward to the next videos discussing your thoughts and recommendations for the next levels. Its enjoyable to watch and listen to your tutorials, you make it clear concise and easy, thank you

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Jeff. I think it was just realizing that there’s a huge diversity of people and cameras, and they don’t all dance to the same music. 🙂

    • Perry Lawrence

      Hey Steve, great stuff here. I too am looking forward to your next installment on this!

    • Wiz Withers

      Steve: Great stuff, as always. Looking forward to Phases II and III.

      Also appreciate including the Samsung Galaxy for us Android users. 🙂


      • Steven Washer

        Just between you and me, some of the Galaxy specs are better. 🙂

    • Violet

      Thanks Steve! I’m “borderline aspirant”, so I will continue to happily use my iPod Touch (like the iPhone 5) for now. I clearly don’t like to sit in a chair when I am shooting my videos 🙂 I also own a C920 but have not actually used it – having too much fun with the iPod touch! The iPod Touch has been PERFECT to launch me from complete video newbie last year, to creating one new blog video every two weeks right now. I learn something new about making video, with each one. Old horse, new tricks. Thanks for your help along the way –

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Violet. I absolutely used to recommend the iPod Touch. Considering your output, that’s been a particularly good investment for you!

    • Doug Greene

      Another camera I like a LOT for basic videos are the Canon Elph series point-and-shoots. Great optics, autofocus, image stabilization, wide angle (for easy handheld videos), and decent mic. There are tons of Elphs out there … the 160 looks like it could be a good one.

      I like these because they are fast, simple and dang near foolproof. And then you can take out the SD card, plug it into your computer, do some quick editing … and you’re up and running.

      Here’s a link to the Elph 160 on Amzon:

      • Steven

        Interesting item, Doug! I see why you like it. I’d like it for our folks a lot better if it could eke out at least 1080p. But for starting out, the price is right. I mean, there’s zero downside if it doesn’t work. Thanks for the heads-ip!

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