This is a continuation of our last post, so if you didn’t see that video, it might be best to watch it first.

You see, it’s one thing to put up your ads. It’s quite another to have them watched all the way through.

So if you can do video, then this will help you immensely.

The basic idea is to make a trailer for your main video, but do it in a way that minimizes your production; in other words…get it done fast.

This is also best for those who are making videos with valuable information for their tribe. It can still be done if the underlying video is marginal, but for best results, it should really add to your attraction factor.

This is business at its best, because it leverages your most valuable content. Of all the video tips you might implement, this is the one that could have the biggest impact on list-building.

It puts the power of list-building in your control.

You can almost regulate it like a faucet. If you want more views, turn up the ad machine. If you want to turn it down, just reduce your spend.

As always, for best results, make a quality video.

    2 replies to "How to Get More YouTube Ads Watched All The Way Through"

    • Tammy Kabell

      That was AMAZING advice, Steve, as always! I’ve been addicted to testing out your theory from last week, turning 4 of my content videos into ads by themselves at $10 a day each, and have accumulated over 30,000 views for my channel over the last 6 days! I can’t WAIT to try out this trailer idea and I would love to talk with you about editing that video because I want to maximize my impact with the compilation.

      Just as an fyi, as a result of my videos turning into “content carousel ads” over the last week, I’ve seen a huge spike (3X plus) of visitors to my website, even though my ads are directing people to my YouTube channel (Tammy Kabell channel), so people are migrating to my website because of my calls to action in my other videos. And, as a result of the spike to my website, I’m getting a big spike of people interested in working with my firm – I’m so surprised by the immediacy of impact your advice has had on my business, so THANK YOU. I’ll keep you posted once the trailer is complete and running.

      • Steven Washer

        That’s so great to hear, Tammy! I’m thrilled that this is working for you. I believe it will work for anyone with a service-oriented business. Keep us in the loop!

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