Have you ever made a video only to look back on it later and wonder what you were thinking or doing?

As a rule, it’s easier to spot an authentic appearance on camera than it is to give one.

But why? Shouldn’t being authentic be the easiest thing in the world? Just be yourself. Ah, well, if that advice actually worked for everyone who hears it, there wouldn’t be nearly as many ineffective videos.

But projecting authenticity is too important for us to ignore.

Here’s how to not only be authentic, but how to make authenticity embraceable.

And it happens to be Part 3 in our series on how to cultivate the qualities of a Visible Authority.

We’re entering the deep water now. 🙂

    7 replies to "How to Create Authenticity on Camera"

    • Carol Chapman

      Thanks for giving Stevie some video time. I love laughing and smiling–he brings it out in me. By using Stevie, you very gently illustrate inaccurate perceptions I’m carrying. Delightful. I’m also happy that for Stevie, you didn’t use a Green Screen. Since I’m not Green Screen adept yet, maybe someday I can make an amusing video with my own alternate persona.

    • Lucien

      Great video as always Steve. Have a short question. Would you recommend sending new leads a video response prior to reaching out by telephone?

      BTW, Stevie is a riot.

      • Steven

        Yes. A video prior to a phone call is a great idea!

        • Lucien

          Thanks Steve. I thought so as well.

    • Penny Hansen

      Hi Steve –

      Love the “Now, buy my stuff.”

      Big LOL!

      This was a good way to start the day today.

    • Nancy

      Dear Stevie,

      Keep up the good work and authenticity modeling.
      You’ll get Steve moving in the right direction
      sooner or later!


    • Steve

      Stevie rocked this! That was some funny stuff!

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