Do you know the best kind of sales video to make? Is it a scribbler, a powerpoint, direct to camera? Wouldn’t it be great to know this, since you’re going to spend a good bit of time making it! And of course you’d like to get a good return on your investment. So check out the 3 simple criteria for making this all-important decision. They aren’t difficult and they will point you in a more profitable direction.

    6 replies to "What’s the best kind of sales video to make?"

    • Harold Glascock

      Hi Steve:

      Thanks for your nuanced approach to creating Sales Vids.
      I am watching this late at night/early in the morning so I
      will look at it again tomorrow afternoon.
      Of course I like the look and feel of how you come across
      in your videos.
      I’m struggling with screen caps now.
      Best wishes from Yokohama,

      • Steve

        Thanks, Harold! And welcome to our snowy blog, from your side of the world.

    • Mike Seddon

      Hi Steve,

      Great video as always. You make it seem so simple 🙂

      I love the point about traffic temperature. I’d never thought of it that way and it makes perfect sense.

      To be honest, I tend to use powerpoint presentation for all my videos. I have a face that was made for radio!

      Actually I used to do speaking to the camera videos but I found sales were as good if not better from straight copy on the website. Now I realise that it was probably the traffic temperature at the time. Good to know!


      • Steve

        Thanks, Mike. It does make it easier when you use the right tool for the right job! Not to mention more engaging, at least in this case…

    • Lon Naylor

      Great stuff. I actually used your video as a sample on my Screencast Coaching webinar last week of using a talking head video with text to add visual impact. Thanks Steve!

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