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Last week we did a survey of the people who have opted in to get the pre-launch goodies for The Video Brain Trust. The results were a little crazy. I reported back to them yesterday. And now I’m wondering if this might be true for you. If you’re like 75% of the people who took that survey, you have yet to make your first video. It’s true. Most people don’t know about cameras, lights or editing. The killer trifecta. And speaking of killer, for 75% of those who took the survey, editing is a killer app only in the sense that it’s storming at them with guns blazing! I guess it’s a good thing that next Tuesday, right here in this space, we’re going to do a live Google Hangout. That way you can get your questions answered on the spot. All you have to do is think of one and show up. If you can’t be there live, register for the pre-launch goodies and then you’ll be eligible to send your question in. This is called the “Getting Friendly With Video” training. Obviously it isn’t only about one thing. The survey indicated other factors; some pretty simple and some majorly strategic. But in so many cases it comes down to being stopped cold by technology. The good news is that advanced technology has made a lot of what we used to worry about, at least with shooting, obsolete. So come and discover all the shortcuts that will remove the worry, doubt and procrastination from your video-making and get you crystal clear on your next steps. Until then, here’s your homework assignment to get ready for the webinar: Watch two short videos (or watch them again).

This one shows how to do this by yourself, all with inexpensive tools:


Here’s a way to do it even faster with a camera phone:

Both will get you ready to take full advantage of the webinar as you’ll be able to see now how the pieces fit together. So, to grab your place in that webinar, just click here. If you’d like to be able to ask your question live and be eligible for the upcoming discounts to the Video Brain Trust, Click Here to Get All The Goodies.  

    4 replies to "Uh, oh. Is this is why you aren’t doing video? (Time Sensitive)"

    • Shama

      I can understand how you can take good video with a smart phone if you use the front camera which is the high resolution one. But if you record yourself you have to use the rear camera which has a much lower resolution. I imagine that this would affect the video quality. How do you do that?

      • Steven Washer

        The difference between the front and rear camera is slight enough not to be noticeable. And the way you maximize the quality of that camera is to make sure you have plenty of light. I have a number of videos here on the blog made with the rear-facing camera and they look just fine!

        So don’t worry about this. Just shoot with it and have fun traveling with your phone! 😉

    • Beth Budesheim

      Hi Steven, Thank you SO MUCH for posting about the phone camera. I still have a ‘primitive’ phone and want to upgrade to one that will work well for making my business videos. I was wondering if the iphone would do and am glad to have this affirmed! I’ve been following you for awhile and appreciate your demeanor, humor and expertise.

      • Steven Washer

        You’re welcome, Beth! The iPhone 4S and up should do the job nicely for most of the videos you want to make.

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