too-much-sharing-225Some things in life we just have no control over. This is a fact we try to deny all day long. But for the last couple of months, I’ve been looking it square in the face every minute of the day. Today could be a turning point, so I wanted to share this very short video with you. Why? I actually don’t know. I wish I could say it was for some cool and mysterious reason, but the truth is, I’m on a journey where the path ahead is not too clear. But for some reason I feel like it’s important to share this particular video at this particular time. Maybe I’m sharing too much, but I do want you to know how much I’ve appreciated the support of this community as we’ve soldiered on to finish projects that were already on the calendar. That said, this particular video ain’t for the squeamish. OK, maybe it’s not “Game of Thrones” horror, but some may find it hard to listen to. Also, I just shot it sitting at my desk with my phone, on the spur of the moment, so it’s no great shakes to watch either!
One last thought. If you’d like to share something you’re going through; something that’s stretching you way beyond your comfort zone, feel free. Our folks are uncommonly kind here…

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    • Lisa

      oh Steven! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be thinking of you all day today and sending you all the healthy vibes. There’s so much metaphor in losing your voice…especially when your livelihood is so linked to it. But leave it to you to keep speaking anyway — and about the silver lining, too. Sending you so much love!!!

      • Steven Washer

        Thanks, Lisa! Feelin’ those vibes big time…

      • David Midgett

        I will send one up to the big Guy for you Steve. You have been an inspiration to me and I pray that you have a full and speedy recovery. Thanks for all of the Great content you share and look forward to your email tomorrow.

    • Selene

      Steven! Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, will be sending healthy vibes your way. Good luck today!

    • Rocky

      Hi Steven, thanks for sharing that. I think about this all the time- why should *I* share any personal stories to a bunch of anonymous people on the internet? This video was powerful. It reminds me that there’s people behind the screen, and we can learn from them and their lives. That we can become friends without ever meeting. I love that you found something positive in what’s going on. That made me smile. 🙂

      I hope everything works out for the best!

    • Detlev

      Steven, am sending you my best wishes and lots of blessings. And in case you might believe in this: healing energy 🙂

    • David

      Luckily Steve you can enlighten, teach and inspire more with one vocal than most people can with 2. Wishing you a speedy recovery and God bless!

    • Susanne

      Dear Steven,
      May you know how incredible your healing capacity is. Think health and positive thoughts, not fear. Remember, you are like the E.F. Hutton commercial– when you talk, everyone listens– whether a whisper or shout. No worries!

    • Adriel

      See you back soon, healthy and mingling with us all again soon

    • Jeff Harrison

      Gods speed my friend to a successful surgery and a quick and full recovery. You will be in our thoughts

    • Julia Mattern

      Steven, So sorry to hear what you have been going through. Thanks for having the courage to share this. Sending all my best wishes for a successful surgery today and a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing that resonant voice again soon!

    • Bob


      Our prayers are with you. Hope things go well


    • Dominick

      I have faith in the ability of people to overcome and I think you will overcome this as well, either by a having a lighter voice with great big ideas or a big voice to shout out your help to others. Godspeed

    • James

      My prayers are with you. I have learned so much from you. Pray that everything turns out ok. You have so much more to teach.

    • Alberto

      Steven! Keep the faith. You continue to inspire your audience in many different ways! Best to you and your family.

    • Tom Crepeau

      You’ll be in my prayers tonight, Bright Blessings, and get well! We want more videos! (And here you thought I was being altruistic->evil grin.)

    • Christa


      I know “The Great Physician” who also happens to be “The Comforter”. I hope you know Him too! I am asking Him to give you extra courage and comfort as you stand tall through this trial. Your videos are so helpful for all of us. I look forward to all the rest you will make, but for now, please just rest and heal! Know that God is with you, and as you whisper His name, He is there to help you in more ways that you can even think of. Be strong and courageous. May the God of all comfort hold you extra close until He restores your voice and strength and health completely!

      • Shirley Washer


    • David

      Hi Steven, thanks for sharing this difficult moment- sending happy thoughts your way and wishing you the best of all outcomes!

    • London

      No… you did not share too much.
      May God be with you, my good man.

    • John

      Steve, thanks for sharing, my best thoughts are with you for a successful operation and recovery!

    • Mike Logan

      God bless you Steve. I will be praying for you and a successful recovery.

    • Bob Hanley

      God bless you Steven. I went in the hospital July 12 2012 for a brain injury from a fall. 2 months in the hospital and 5 months in a nursing home. and I am still not totally back. Fortunately, I am a vet and everything was paid for. I still have 2 nurses a week come to my house.

      I have really enjoyed your videos for years and I feel like a family member. I pray the doctor will be directed by God and you have a pain free recovery.

    • Saxon

      Thank you for sharing this Steven. I am such a great admirer of everything you do with such a great sense of humor. We are all looking forward to seeing your return to full voice. Sending you love.

    • Allison

      We put a lot on our voices… and the funny thing is that most people who aren’t making audios or videos don’t even know what they actually sound like.

      To me, you have always sounded like the voice of authority about video, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the number of vocal chords you’ve got.

      Sending you love and healing energy. And sending a packet of light to your docs, too — for steady hands and super-capable brains.

      I’ll be watching for your video tomorrow…
      xoxoxo Allison

    • jan

      Oh My….glad you did share Steve….I’m holding a vision for it all to go well…and sending prayers for you and for the healing hands that will be working their magic to restore your voice …Much love and a peaceful heart…nerves…

    • Grace

      I hope it goes well and that your recovery is speedy!

    • Jennie

      Steve, your courage is truly an inspiration. I so appreciate you sharing this part of your journey with all of us. You’re modeling what to do when life throws us a nasty curve ball and threatens to take away something we would give anything not to lose. I will be very eager to learn how the experience transforms you as a a superb communicator and teacher, and as a vulnerable human who tries his utmost to deal effectively with enormous challenge.

    • Jim Esmeier

      I will pray for success in your operation to restore your voice. May His love and peace keep you strong!

    • Rob Northrup

      Healthy Vibes from us in San Diego – You & Perry got us off the ground with video! Good luck with the procedure & a speedy & successful recovery.

    • Rob

      Hi Steven,

      I just wanted to reach out and wish you the very best of luck with your procedure. My mother developed a condition that stopped her from eating, and like yourself, it required surgery. We nursed her through her recovery. I hope that you are looking after yourself and getting nourishment from the medical alternatives – they’re not fantastic, but they can really help build you back up. Sending you best wishes and positive vibes all the way from Ireland! I hope to see you back online, with that great voice of yours, as soon as you are feeling better.


    • Jeaneen

      Dear Steven,
      I’m sending courage and strength to you and healing to ALL your vocal chords. May your healing become a legendary story.

      With kindness,

    • Angie

      Steven, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Visualizing everything turning out perfect for you!

    • Dan Derry

      All the very best with the surgery Steven. I’m sure it will be a huge success and you’ll soon have your dulcet tones back in action.

    • Peter Phelan

      Yes Steven, best wishes and positive thoughts coming to you from across the pond in SW England too.

    • Stephen

      You’re a wonderful teacher. I wish you every strength and all the very best.

    • Eelco

      All the best Steve! Keep my fingers crossed for you today!
      Hope to hear you again tomorrow….

    • Dave

      Hello Steven,

      All my best to you in your recovery. Yes, your voice may be week at present but your message of help and hope for folks, rings loud and clear.


    • Michael Yardney

      Sorry to hear of your health problems – I’ve been missing your friendly face and voice on your videos.

      Wishing health and a successful outcome to your surgery

    • Marty Tohill

      Big love to you Steven.
      You always seem to be a really positive guy. That will take you far.
      Good luck

    • Morris

      My God bless you throughout these difficult times.

    • Jaime

      <3 <3 <3 You're doing awesome for one vocal chord, Steve. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!

    • Allison

      I thought I left a comment, but maybe I didn’t hit submit because it seems to have disappeared. I wanted you to know that yours has always been the authoritative voice on video, and that has nothing to do with what your voice sounds like.

      Also that I will be thinking of you, and I’m sending you love and healing energy… and to your docs, I send vibes for steady hands and clear brains.

      Love you and will waiting for tomorrow’s video.
      xo, Allison

    • Pushpa

      Get well soon. Sending angels your way.

    • Zara


      Do hope this finds you recovering and managing to relax, along with your family who must be chewing the carpet.

      If the worst comes to the worst, you can mime. Anyway, your most valuable asset, if I may say so, is your warm friendly smile so that’s all right then because you can delegate all the other stuff if you have to.

      Wishing you and yours well. Kindest regards.

    • Andy McClure

      Steven, wishing you good luck and a complete and speedy recovery.

    • Best Wishes ,hope everything goes smooth and your trusting,.soothing voice returns to continue to educate and enlighten your loyal followers.

    • Lynn

      Best wishes Steve. I’ve enjoyed following your story and growth since 5000 BC days. You have always been a light of encouragement and inspiration. Your gift to others will continue regardless of the outcome of the surgery. Naturally I wish you the outcome you desire. But you will continue to excel and touch lives regardless.


    • Steven Washer

      Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. It worked, at least partially. Well, at least enough to be understood. I’ll record a new video tomorrow and throw it up on the blog, then get back to work making cool stuff!

      • Amelia

        That’s wonderful news Steve! What a courageous video you posted here. I look forward to the next one with 2 working vocal cords. xx

    • Scott Johnson


      My thoughts and prayers are with you. Let peace rule your heart and mind.

      Author Jim Rohn says, the wind blows the same for all of us and shows up in various ways both positive and negative. What determines our destination is not the wind, waves obstacles or problems…. It is the setting of our sail!

      Set your sail Steven… Believe that there is a God that has you by the hand for quick recovery.

    • Michelle Twohig

      Thinking of you, worrying about you, and wanting you to have the best possible outcome to your surgery.

      Thank you for revealing your reality. It makes you real enough to hug and want the best for.


    • William Lee

      Steve what you did in the video was a brave thing to do….my hat off to you! You’re the best in the business, I learned what video can do for my business. Take care of yourself! See you soon on my video screen!

    • Stephanie Philp

      Sending you healing light and lots of love and hugs for a successful op and a speedy recovery, Steve. It takes courage to post a video like that and I applaud you for doing so, and especially for retaining your sense of humour 🙂

    • Chris Turner

      Wishing you all the best with your operation. Stay strong and get well soon. Your videos have been inspirational and down right awesome!

    • Paul

      Steve, takes guts to post something like this. In your head can be all sorts of worries and concerns, but at the end of the day this inspires me (and I’m sure others) to just speak our truth and be our authentic selves and we’ll resonate with those who need to hear our message.

      And worse case scenario is you can just mime and use subtitles (ha ha only joking, looking forward to you singing the Star Spangled Banner or Hallelujah for us .

      Blessings and strength to you buddy x

    • Adam Gordon

      Best of luck with the op.
      I had a hip replacement 3 yeas ago – it seemed big at the time, but was a great thing to have done.
      Best wished.

    • Larry Truitt

      May God hold you in the palm of His Hand as you go through this Steven.

      May God’s healing touch give you peace and comfort as you recover.

      My prayers are with you,


    • Grahame

      Hi Steven

      No matter what people say it can never relieve the worry you must be experiencing. All I will say is I truly wish you all the very best and I sincerely hope the op goes well and we can hear your full vocal vibes once again.


    • Don

      Wow! you have lots of people praying for you … I add mine as well, wishing you a full recovery and great peace as you go through this sensitive time. Don

    • Stan

      Steve: Whenever I’m suffering, physically or emotionally, I force myself to visualize how much worse it could be…and that puts things in perspective. Perhaps a perverse way to count one’s blessings, but it’s worked for me for over half a century. Best of luck.

    • Fred Miller

      Thank you for sharing, Steve, and Good Luck!

    • Glenda Bonin

      I’m sending my wishes to you for a successful operation and speedy recovery. Do know that I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers at this time. Your community and fans are with you, just as you have been for them. Your open and caring mentorship is a shining light in the world. Now it is time for us reflect that caring back to you. Rest. Recover. Return to your work and the joy of flight as soon as you can.
      Best wishes,

    • Shirley Washer

      This has been a wonderful page to read for many reasons. All these wonderful people in this community are helping to hold Steven up as he goes through this journey with courage and acceptance. God bless you all mightily for your loyalty and friendship.

      Shirley Washer

    • Violet

      Oh Steve – I watched this video AFTER watching “the morning after”. THANK YOU for being so willing to share this very difficult journey you are experiencing, with us. You have always given so much – now it is our time to give to you. Your “morning after” video does sound a LOT better. May you continue to recover more and more strength in your voice, and your ability to eat, and to do all that you love and care about in life (including flying, and sailing!), and may your full health and strength and vigor return, soon!!!

    • Bill Knegendorf

      Steve, Lying here in my hospital bed, I send God’s blessings to you on this journey. May you receive the energy to continue the wonderful work you do for others. Peace and healing…..Bill

      • Steven Washer

        Bill, that means a lot coming from your hospital bed. Healing and peace to you, my friend!

    • Mike Hynes

      You have my utmost admiration for making that video. Wish you all the best for the future.
      Hope all goes well.
      Regards, Mike

    • John Munns

      A good friend hadthe same or similar challenge recently. He can still talk. His job, while different than yours , (sales) requires a lot of talking. He was able to continue. I say this too encourage you.
      I will pray for you as I did for him. God Bless. Believe and receive!

    • Wanda Taylor

      I believe you are going to love this video >>>
      God is going to completely heal you …Hang in there. Wanda Taylor

      • Steven Washer

        You were right, Wanda. Thank you! Still in the woods, but light is peeking through the trees…

    • Bruce Bernu

      I am going to get to the point. Sin Consciousness is the parent of practically all human religions. Different religions have tried to deal with the problem unsuccessfully. The sense of unworthiness destroys faith, rob us of our peace of mind, makes ineffectual the most earnest and zealous prayer. There are two kinds of Sin Consciousness. One is the man who has never been Born Again. (Romans10:9-10) The other is the undeveloped believer who does not know his rights and privileges in Christ. Both have the same out come! But when a man who has accepted Jesus Christ loses the sense of sin and in its place receives a sense of his oneness and fellowship with the Father. now The prayers of a righteous man avails much. Steve you elected to have surgery, I well agree with you that God has given the doctor super natural ability and you have remarkable recovery.

    • Bedford

      Wish you the very best in your health and treatment and for your operation tomorrow.

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