I have to tell you that creating this series for you and watching people implement has been very exciting and I want to make sure as many people as possible can take advantage of this simple system for creating this awesome video.

Here’s how to get a guarantee that your video will end up as you hoped!



Here's the Google Hangout:


If you don't have a Google+ account this link may not work. We'll figure out a way to let you into the Hangout between now and next week! In the meantime I would suggest that you get a Google + account. It's the only way you can get your Google Authorship ID which means a huge SEO boost from Google for all your videos!

Please help us share the wealth...

    2 replies to "Free Personal Help For Your YouTube Attraction Video"

    • Jeff Harrison

      Hi Steve,
      We just finished shooting our video and will have it edited shortly. We had to redo the background, so first draft complete.
      Thanks for all the advice and direction…we have two niches and the one for the golf is done and playing on YouTube!

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