10870487_s So Google Authorship is no more. We can’t get those spiffy thumbnails next to our original content so now it’s going to be much harder to stand out. Or is it? Well, what if your stuff couldn’t be gamed, spoofed or stolen? What if it could follow you around wherever you went, assuring the world that your stuff is your stuff? And what if it grew in value the longer it was out there? We might even call that…authorship.  

    6 replies to "Google Authorship is Dead. Now What?"

    • Dr. Michael Kudlas

      Thanx Steve – always great timely info. You are the best!

      • Steve

        Aw, thanks! Glad you found it helpful.

    • Edson Tomaz

      Hi, Steve

      As long as they don’t put an end to YouTube, why worry about? Anyway, thanks for keeping us informed and congratulations – your videos are great!

      • Steven Washer

        Not much chance of YouTube disappearing is there? Still, it’s nice not to have to be a digital sharecropper all the time. There are many options and many places for video!

        • Edson Tomaz

          Absolutely right, Steven!

          I don’t think they would put an end to YouTube nowadays – and I really hope they don’t, I’m just about to start my website’s channel there 😉

    • Patricia Blumhagen

      Hello Steve, I had Google authorship and was aware of its removal.
      I have been considering what to do to replace the lost. Where is all of
      my information? I guess nothing is forever. Where does one begin to fix
      delete of Google authorship and find another way to get known?
      Thanks for the video.

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