To celebrate Google announcing that guest posting is dead, I asked my friend Jaeny to help out with the Tuesday video. And she really came through.

Take that, Matt Cutts! 🙂

(I’m kidding of course. Guest posting when your guest is awesome is what it’s all about!)

Anywho, this is something many people wonder about. What’s the deal with smiling on camera when you have to grapple with something serious?

In Jaeny’s typically charming fashion, she puts this topic in fine focus. Check it out and end your day with a smile!

Oh, here’s the video she referenced in this video:

And for even more background on smiling:

    5 replies to "How to smile while being serious on camera"

    • Andrew Smith

      That was superb!

    • Jorge Fernandez

      Jaeny is absolutely right, and she displays a beautiful sincere smile too!

    • Tom

      Stunning and effective delivery of a simple but important message!

      Now . . . to redo a bunch of videos! 😉

    • Guy D.


      I know you were Janey and you were talking directly to me!

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