There are so many good reasons to let yourself be visible in your business. It’s now kind of silly to even point them out.

Still, the most powerful is the one we pay no attention to, maybe because it can’t be seen. It can only be felt.

And if you respect its power, it will reward you many times over for the effort to create a few videos along these lines.

    12 replies to "How to Bond With Your Market Through Video"

    • Francis

      Well done!

      • Steven Washer

        Very kind of you, Francis. There was a left-over bit of music in the YouTube version, so you see, nothing is ever perfect in this world!

    • Sandra Zimmer

      Steve, I am inspired by how you integrate esoteric concepts into your marketing message. You are modeling bringing Soul into video marketing presentations. The presence of spirit is palpable. Wow! I help professionals got to that when they speak and present, but have not brought that essence of vibration pulsation into my videos. I am watching you to learn!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Sandra!

    • Mike

      Very nice, Steve!

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, sir!

    • Janetlee

      Thanks again for another inspiring talk. I always look forward to seeing your videos in my inbox and watching them. And I watch them several times so that I understand better.

      Janet Sellers

      • Steven Washer

        Thank you, Janet. My wife does arts integration as well. Looks like you have an amazing school!

    • Paul Bennett

      A profound thought beautifully expressed and embodied. Thank you, Steven.

      • Steven Washer

        Careful now, Paul. That might encourage me to make more of them. 🙂
        But seriously, thank you.

    • John Tedmon

      As always Steven, this is an excellent presentation.
      I have two mentors; you for your excellence in conveying marketing through videos and the late Sir. John Templeton who said; “If you want to have better results than the crowd, you must do things different from the crowd.
      Presenting what I do through video is a living example of what Templeton said. I’ve been doing that since 1973 and doing what you have taught me since 2012.
      Thank you for what you do;
      John Tedmon

      • Steven Washer

        Wow. Thank you for those very kind words, John. I would love to see some of your work. Post a link here if you like.

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