I believe you can change the world, just by giving away free rides.

It works because it uses “try-before-you-buy”, which is the opposite of trying to talk someone into buying.

But for the seller, it does something just as important. It’s hard to appreciate how debilitating complexity in marketing can be. It’s not just the endless choices. It’s the fact that there is no organizing principle around most of them beyond “hey, maybe this will work”.

The truth is, mostly what you need is something to say and a willingness to say it over and over again. You might think this requires amazing copywriting skills. It doesn’t.

Here’s an introduction to the elements of a simple system that works well for those who aren’t professional copywriters, are allergic to hype and tired of the taste of frothy nothingness.

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    • ShellyMoreau

      I’m a professional copywriter, working on my first million (whatever). This has to be the most revealing and helpful bit of guidance I’ve received…ever! I’m a fan of your content by the way.

      But I digress.

      Yes, marketing is complicated and runs deep with varied methods. And in this video you’ve made me see that what I’m doing…standing over there (there being my own YouTube channel), doing my own thing (I.e. Delivering content and a carousel ride), slowly gathering a fan base, and connecting and helping folks who interact, is delivering a good ride. A ride I am seeing have longer line ups.

      So I’m going to continue doing that in my unique way. I’ll let you know when I reach a million.
      Thanks so much for simplifying things.

      With much appreciation,

      Shelly Moreau

      • Steven Washer

        A pleasure, Shelly! And thank you for sharing your path. It takes courage to stand and do what you’re doing.

    • Stefan

      Great advice as always Steve.

      I’ve made a virtue of giving away free advice. It’s such a powerful tactic and the way we naturally help the people that matter to us.

      So me giving free rides is nothing new. What might be new to many people is the way I do it. Over the last decades I’ve been interviewed by the BBC so many times I’ve lost count. Most months I get one interview, some months several interviews. And these have gone out across the U.K. in most cases with some going out via BBC World Services to a huge number of countries.

      They call me and ask for an interview on marketing and related stories that are relevant to contemporary news stories.

      It’s not that I’m better at marketing than everyone else. It’s that they know how to find me and I know how to play the interview game. So it’s a great marketing tactic that lots of people here could use.

      Ony yesterday the phone rang and this morning I was on the morning show talking about print and social media advertising.

      A great way to get to a big audience first thing in the morning. Which leaves time to leverage the results and get it out on my website, social media and elsewhere later. Watch this space for a video.

      Speak soon.

      PS See my preparation notes at http://www.stefandrew.com/stefan-drew/2019/02/print-advertising-v-social-media.html.

      • Steven Washer

        Stefan, as you have ably demonstrated, there’s no telling how far this simple strategy can take your business! While our choices of platform are varied, yours is most unique.

        Thank you for sharing this mini master-class!

    • Luci

      Steven, I want to make this the first thing I hear every morning! If I could put it on a timer to go off the minute I walk into my office….

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