The Job of Audio in Video Marketing

Have you ever wandered around the house looking for your glasses,
turning over piles of papers, rummaging under sofa cushions, even
cleaning up your office (perish the thought!) only to find them sitting
on your head?

That’s called hiding in plain sight, and it’s theme of our video today.
Audio is the great under-appreciated asset in your video marketing.
You’re about to find out not only why, but how you can make great
use of this resource to supercharge your videos with the
Know-Like-Trust factor. And that’s great video marketing.


As if the studies showing that 60% of the video’s effectiveness
comes from audio weren’t enough, today Broadway gives you a
lesson in video marketing with this exact theme.

(warning. major dad alert!)

OK. So my darling daughter is auditioning for the new Broadway
production of Rent. Telsey Casting is using YouTube to rate the
actors. It’s quite the popularity contest, as the one with the most
votes wins an all-expenses paid trip to New York to audition for the
producers in person.

They want all the actors to be judged on various categories in
various percentages, but the one I’d like you to pay attention to is
that the singing is to be 60% of the audition, with personality and
stage presence (what I teach as ‘Persona”) taking up the remainder.

60% is audio. It holds true for Broadway and it holds true for your
business, too. Get your audio right and see your ratings rise.

(…and please vote for Bryna Kearney below and send her to Broadway!)


Special sneak peek at the new Video Marketing Mastery class:
The shake-down cruise of Video Marketing Mastery was a pleasant
journey indeed. Our students were quite happy with what they got
from the course. (in some cases that is an understatement) It’s now
being revised and re-marketed with a major partner in April for a
May 2 start date.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a real, sustained, strategic
approach to video marketing, you may want to enroll before we announce
the class in the next week or so. Once it’s out there, I expect a fairly short
enrollment period. I’ll be accepting a very limited number of people to make
sure everyone gets the help they need.

I haven’t revised the sales page yet, though the course outline and goodies
are there, along with a hefty early-bird discount. This notice is my courtesy
to you as a loyal and fun-loving member of the BrainyVideo community.

Here’s the current info page:

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