lighting225Welcome to week 3 of LOW-TECH month. Today we have a real treat. We’re going to answer the question: How do you light beautifully without any lights? After all, when you’re out at the grocery store and you don’t happen to have 3 of your handy-dandy 4 ft. softboxes with you, if you rely on what’s there, the results are going to be ugly. Sorry. They just are. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s lesson is so filtered and distilled, you’ll be able to run with this technique while sleep-walking…though I don’t recommend it… So give this 4-minute charmer a look-see. Jaeny’s on fire in this one! This is also Pt. 3 of a 4 part series we’ve made to introduce our soon to be released Lucrative Video Blogging course. By the way, here’s Pt. 1: And here’s Pt. 2:

    10 replies to "How to Get Gorgeous Lighting With No Lights!"

    • Internet Profit Tools

      Hi Steve,

      Of all the mailing lists I’m on, your emails are the ones I always open. You have a knack for taking complex problems and coming up with simple solutions.

      Keep up the good work and keep sending me your top notch videos – very enlightening!

      Bill G.

      • Steve

        Thanks, Bill! That’s our passion. Though sometimes that goal looks a lot closer than it really is! 🙂

    • John Charbonneau

      Great video, simple technique, 20 seconds of checking to save a video, keep these great ideas coming.

    • Karen

      FANTASTIC video, Steve! Great tips for us (overwhelmed Entrepeneurs!).
      Thank you for sharing valuable info to make our lives easier and more productive.
      I am curious to know what camera you shot this with.

      • Steve

        Thanks Karen! We used the iPhone for this one.

    • Violette Clark

      wonderful tips Steve…..and so simple – you’ve got a great way of distilling what seems difficult into something do-able and achievable. Thanks so much.

    • rob northrup

      Good one – I played with my camera at lunch & it really works!

    • Mark Schellhammer

      Steve is wearing a mic. Did you shoot using a camera that has an external mic? If you used an iphone, how did the external mic come into play?

      • Steve

        I was playing with an audio recorder during this video, which was shot on the iPhone. So the mic was plugged into the audio recorder and the wave forms were to be matched up in editing.

        But the thing is, the audio was good enough in this video to just use the natural sound, so the mic and audio recorder never actually came into play!

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