Five words. That’s all it takes to start attracting super-fans.

But we have objections.

One, we know so much and we want to know more before we take that big step into the scary unknown. That can become so complicated that at some point we can forget how to tie our own shoelaces!

Sometimes we just get “ambitious”. And that’s when things really go sideways.

I know this from painful experience. Really. Painful. Kills your confidence. You don’t want to go there. Seriously.

That’s why I say over and over that 80% (maybe more) of this is an inner game.

It’s a critical twist, though it takes only three minutes to explain. 🙂

See if you agree.

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    14 replies to "How to Grow Super-Fans"

    • Gord

      Hi Steve, I am slowly gaining fans, at least people actually engaging with feedback, and I respond in return. It’s so different when my key point of contact is video, not in-person dialogue. People will only come when they feel that they are moving along the know, like and trust track with you. Thanks for the tip about passion and consistency. Gotta get publishing !

      • Steven

        Right! And building a community you can actively communicate with via email.

    • Carol Chapman

      Loved the piano music, Steve. It elicited the perfect heart-feeling to go with the heartfelt message you were conveying. I appreciate experiencing what you’re saying while you’re saying it. Really fine. Thanks.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Carol. That was from the Zim Music Library again. Good stuff!

    • Bill Alpert

      Well I suppose even showing off can work for some; though I couldn’t pull it off with any level of authenticity.

      • Steven

        And one less worry kind of makes things simpler, yes?

    • Susan

      Thanks Steve. You taught me to enjoy making videos. And I love love love getting comments and the opportunity to respond.

      Maybe it is time to add music in the background – I too loved the piano music

      As always thanks

      • Steven

        You could do that, Susan. I would go with one library at a time. Get very familiar with it so you can more easily choose the right piece when you need it. Even then there can be some trial and error. 🙂

    • J Bushnell

      Hi Steven… quick thanks for your regular videos… I appreciate you.

      • Steven

        Thanks, J… Happy to see you here!

    • Stefan

      Hi Steve

      Another great but very simple idea (most people miss the power of simplicity) and a great cliffhanger call to action.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Stefan. Simplicity is going to be the subject of an upcoming episode, so I’m glad you noticed! 🙂

    • Stefan

      Simplicity is a key step in the “RATES” marketing program I developed for KPMG several years go .. it is step five, but probably the most important as most people make marketing far to complex with far too many steps.

      • Steven

        So true. For us, it’s not so much a step as an article of faith.

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