Made a last minute getaway this week to our retreat in the Blue Ridge mountains; my favorite spot on planet earth. These mountains are a friendly reminder that there is some part of myself that is way more calm, way more solid and way more connected than I usually realize.

Yeah. Here’s my view for the next few days…


Meanwhile, a technical/aesthetic question came up in the Inner Circle on Monday, and so for all the folks who’ve joined us recently, and for those who are having persistent problems with or questions about using text and images inside your videos, here’s a demonstration from a few years ago on how to wrap your head around this.

Every word and image in this video still applies. I’m glad, because this is one of our most popular lessons ever.

It will give you an instant ability to recognize when a video has gone off the rails and, more importantly, help you plan how to use graphics in in a way that doesn’t drive an audience to distraction.

Oh yes, and in honor of Hamilton, it will also show you how NOT to do rap, but that’s a whole different problem I’ve yet to comes to grips with. 🙂

    18 replies to "How to Make Video Graphics Easy-Peasy"

    • Rich garetano

      Nice work Steve, enjoyed the info tips and your great sense of humor.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Rich! That was a fun one to make as well.

    • Mel Hardman

      Always enjoy your emails/videos, Steve. You’ll enjoy a video I just finished last night. I’ve made it for a friend who has a most unusual talent. He takes a most basic concept to astonishing heights of craftsmanship and artist expression. I’ll be running the video through
      your YUVID today and adding it to a web site I’m building for him.

      Here’s a link to watch the video:

      • Steven

        Sounds great, Mel! I’m on the road this week, so I’ll wait for the link to watch your friend’s video. 🙂

    • Lucien Vaillancourt

      Great stuff as always Steve. Really glad to see Stevie out from behind the screen again. Poor little guy was probably just catching up on the latest episode of Downton Abbey.

      I actually drove Skyline Drive many years ago on a trip to Shenandoah Caverns. Magnificent country to be sure. Have a great vacation.

      • Steven

        Thanks, Lucien! So Stevie has been totally taken over by Game of Thrones. I’d ask him to tell you, but he won’t even leave the screening room.

    • Roz Fructman

      WELL DONE!

      • Steven

        Thank you, Roz. 🙂

    • Carol Chapman

      Loved it!!! Just what I needed to know, by coincidence! Bring on the next Motion Graphics video, please. I need to know that special font. I miss Stevie too. Great “Blue” Ridge Mountains photo.

    • Susan Gregg

      As always thanks Steve. I forget about using graphics and often the eye thing!

      Is little Stevie going to move over to

      Just curious,

      • Steve

        Oh, he doesn’t know we’ve moved yet. 🙂

    • Stefan


      The other great lesson here was how to use humour to keep the audience engaged. But I guess Stevie has explained that to you already!


      • Steven

        Stevie never tells me anything. He just struts and frets through my office, messing up my papers. 🙂

    • John

      Steve, great stuff! I tried clicking on the link you sent Carol for the moving graphics text sizes. Unfortunately, on my end it says no longer available. Is there another one or even a different version you could send me please?

    • John

      Thanks Steve!

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