Last week while visiting beautiful Marco Island I also got to see the feel-good movie of the year.

It’s called The Hundred Foot Journey. Highly recommended.

In the film, a young man from India and his family become stranded in the wine country of France and decide to open a restaurant across the street from an old-line French bistro.

Hilarity ensues with the clash of cultures. However, the heart of the movie beats to the rhythm of a passionate love for cooking. And the young man’s constant inspiration is the secret stash of spices given to him by his mother. He uses them to prepare unusually tasty dishes that gain him a following far and wide.

Simple spices, imaginatively used, day in and day out. Remind you of anything? Well, let me explain.

What if there were a way to make beautiful videos even if you don’t have an iPhone or a fancy professional video camera? And what if this was so blamed simple to use that you’d use it day after day? How good do you think you’d get at doing video blogging? That’s what I’m talking about.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the GoPro Hero sensation. Their viral marketing of this simple video camera is legendary because customers provide such exciting footage of their daring feats of insanity in motion.

But if you’re a trusted advisor and you’d like to market your expertise, you probably don’t need to mount your camera on top of your head and jump off a bridge to demonstrate your counseling skills.

Sure, you’d like the camera not to fall apart, but you want to be able to plug in a mic maybe, and see what you look like before you shoot.

And you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it.

If this is you, please jog on over to This week’s podcast will give you some inside info on a new camera from Canon that’s well within the reach of anyone’s budget. In any case, less than an iPhone or a GoPro.

It could be just the thing for the kinds of videos you’d like to make and should be making.

But that’s not all that’s in this episode.

We put a subscriber’s YouTube channel on the hot seat and give him some valuable lessons on how to optimize his channel for more views.

We also discuss how you can use some big boy corporate techniques to get your potential customers excited about what you’re doing.

So there you have it. The chef’s special, prepared fresh for today. Get it while it’s hot and spicy. 🙂

By the way, do you have some questions about how to use video in your business? Let me know and we may well answer you on a future podcast with a detailed case study. That’s a tasty dish in any language!

Here’s the link:

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