privacy-thumb-225Privacy? Seriously? Who even worries about that anymore? Well, where it really counts day to day is in your business, and when it comes to YouTube, that can tie you up in knots. It’s the settings, boss Settings can be kind of confusing when you first start uploading videos to YouTube. And if you mistake the settings you can get yourself into a bit of trouble. For instance, if you assume that “Private” means something other than totally locked down, you might not be able to show your videos to the people you want to share them with. And what the heck is “Unlisted?” Yeah. Misunderstand what “Unlisted” means and you could have more than a spot of difficulty with prying eyes where they shouldn’t be. Yep, it’s worth getting this right for your own safety, so enjoy this brief introduction to the art of online video privacy…

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    • Nancy

      Oh, thank you, Steve! Not being adequately informed about those distinctions caused me to be a lot more hesitant about YouTube than I need to be. This was very, very helpful! Am I the only one who has been confused about this? If so, I really appreciate that you made a video just for me…NW

      • Steve

        I kinda doubt you’re the only one, Nancy.
        In any case, I think this was way overdue, so I’m glad it was helpful.

        Of course, there’s always the chance that this is strictly a conversation between you and me, so what would you like a video on next? 🙂

        • Nancy

          Rarely do I have such an invitation, Steve, so I’ll need to give it some thought. There’s probably a
          Smörgåsbord of things that need the kind of touch you’ve given to the YouTube subject here.

          I’d love to hear you speak more on the style of verbal and physical presentation you’ve cultivated for you video presence – tone, pace, body language. You’ve already done a bit of that with Little Stevie in tow. However, you’ve made yourself so unique in this frantic world that I think some more insights about your presentation would be helpful to many. Certainly to me. NW

    • Stephen Byrne

      Thank you! Very clear, very helpful!

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