The artist can teach us how to be in business…for real. But we want to ignore all the lessons. A shame.

Here’s a small lesson on how to spend your next however many years, courtesy of one who didn’t waste a single minute.

I was lucky to be there for a few of them.

Now that I’ve made this video, I can see some other things more clearly, and I’d like to share one of those with you.

If it’s true that there are lessons in every moment, and that the more valuable come from the more difficult moments, then this might be one of the most valuable lessons of all, because it comes out of the most unwanted moment life can bring.

This is a video I did not think I was ready to make. But when the moment comes, if you are willing to go through it instead of around it, sometimes you get the grace.

Note: It would be a good idea to watch this in full-screen if you are on a desktop.

    23 replies to "Requiem for the artist"

    • Mary Elaine Kiener

      Steve–what a beautiful tribute for your dear friend. And such a profound message for us all! Thank you!

      • Steven

        Thank you, Mary.

    • Glenda Bonin

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to a magnificent performer.

      • Steven

        I think he would like 90% of it 🙂

    • Violet


      (I was not able to insert an actual heart image, so I will resort to this form….)

    • Steven Waldman

      Thank u for sharing this special tribute…Why only 90% of it?

      • Steven

        Ah, he would have asked one of his friends to compose that last piece of music!

    • Nancy

      Thank you for this tribute, Steve. Your friend’s gentle, creative fire lives on for others though visual media. You have added to that beautifully.

      • Steven

        I was happy enough to be just his friend, but thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂

    • Bill Alpert

      Wow, your friend is a true example of living one’s life fully. It’s beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it, so sorry for your loss.

      • Steven

        Thank you, Bill. I agree.

    • Julia Mattern

      Wow, I am moved to tears by your video. Not only is it a wonderful tribute to your dear friend, it’s also filled with beautiful lessons for us all, in life and in business. As a long-time professional flutist, the metaphor of the artist resonates deeply with me. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and impactful video with us all.

      • Steven

        That means a lot to me today, Julia. Thank you.

    • Mike Beek

      Thanks for reminding me, through your brilliant tribute to your friend, that we all have something deep within ourselves that should rise to the surface in a way that can benefit others. I think we spend a lot of time over-valuing what others know and under-valuing what we know.

      • Steven

        Exactly. And there will never be a perfect time to start sharing them, will there?

    • Anne Newton

      Beautiful. Meaningful. Thank you and thank Larry.

      • Steven

        Yes. Thank you, Larry…

    • Susan Gregg

      Thanks Steve for the wonderful reminder of the power of our story, or our masks and the parts we play.

      You are an awesome gift Steve thanks for being in my life.

      • Steven

        Lars showed that so elegantly, didn’t he?

    • Eddie Oxedine

      I’m sorry for your loss. I know a friend like that is always in the heart.

    • Sheryl Kurland

      I am humbled and inspired by this magnificent video, in honor of your late, dear friend. It is amazing how some people touch us….even if we “meet” them through others rather than personally. Thank you!

    • eric

      Thank you for sharing Lars art and presence. A blessing.

    • Melinda

      Thank you for sharing this lovely and gracious video. Our life stories are so important. I did not know this wonderful man, so I am grateful for this beautiful video.

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