If your business helps people do, be or have something they would find daunting to get on their own, you’re the luckiest person in the world.

Why? Because the universe itself has set you up for massive success if that’s what you want. But for some very good reasons, no one wants to talk about how or why that is.

Let’s talk about it now. It may be all the “motivation” you ever need to create a video series that brings light and life to a certain group of people.

    4 replies to "The Best Reason to Make Videos"

    • Tammy Kabell

      Great video, Steve, as always – around the 1:20 mark, you mentioned “it may sound like marketing…” like marketing is a bad thing. I know some people see marketing as some people see sales – a necessary evil. I don’t see it that way at all, however. I see both marketing and sales as an opportunity to help more people – to make a bigger impact in the world with the people that I can uniquely help in a big way.

      I’m proud that I’m a marketer and a salesperson, because, at heart, I’m an Evangelist for the good I can do in the world.

      • Steven Washer

        I do agree and I’m glad you brought that up. My context was that many see words being used instead of deeds and it makes them cynical. But I happen to know you as a fine purveyor of both words and deeds! 🙂

    • Susan

      As always I love your videos and I promise myself I will make MORE videos when I get home

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