Do you know someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and also needs to do a bit of marketing? Other than me, I suppose.

If so, you’ll be doing a kindness to watch this video so you can help that person become a better marketer. I mean, a much better marketer.

This is my message to all those who simply can’t get themselves to say the word “dude” and not be referring to a ranch in Wyoming that teaches city slickers how to brand sheep 🙂

    2 replies to "The Saloon Door"

    • Margherita Crystal Lotus

      Wow, that was a good video of actually be who we are in our hearts. I am heart-based for sure, I must be connected to my heart to gain trust in my clients. They wouldn’t trust me to help them heal themselves if they did not trust me!

    • susan

      Thanks Steve for the reminder to show up EVERY week. I’ve been slipping on that – and if people can’t count on that why would they really trust me!

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