So we’ve been having a lively argument around here lately. Smart and successful people I truly respect tell me that making a quality video is not terribly important if it doesn’t get you clients or build your list. Absolutely, I say. I agree with you.

Still, I’m going to make a crazy statement that flies in the face of what everyone says is true about web video.  Quality in a video can be the one element that makes the content go viral.

So if that’s true, would you rather make a video with killer content and a lousy look that gets 250 new quality hits, or make a quality video that gets 10,000,000 or more new curious visitors to your website?

Folks, I think we’ve set our sights too low.

Here’s the video that started this latest brouhaha. Why don’t you watch it and share your thoughts? (and thanks to Trish Cupra for bringing this to my attention!)

    3 replies to "The video “quality” vs. “content” debate"

    • LaVonne Ellis

      Good point. We’ve been having the same debate – a lot of probloggers are getting into video right now, and the prevailing opinion is expressed in this video, but I love the debate in the comments.

      I found your video on YouTube thanks to a link from my friend Melinda Brennan. Really looking forward to going through your archives!

    • Melodie Licht

      This video has both quality and content. With everyone on the internet in such a hurry to pull in the money or build their lists, quality seems to have been put at the bottom of the list. This has come to my attention with much of what I see on the internet. Spelling errors, misuse of words, putting too much distraction on web pages, etc.

      Many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ out there have forsaken quality because they think content will carry them through. What I’ve realized, if you forsake quality in one area, more often than not, it hasn’t been given high-priority in the other areas either.

      I’m all for great content but believe it must be supported by quality.

    • Steven Washer

      I couldn’t agree more, Melodie. And in the year since that video came out, the bar continues to be raised. Why? I believe it’s because the corporations are starting to realize that this is an area where they can not only compete, but win. They’ve noticed the slap-dash competition.

      That’s why I’m in a race to give this kind of knowledge to small business owners and show them that they need not give up any ground in this area! It just needs to be de-mystified.

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