If you’re worried about coming off a little unprofessional in your videos, it can seriously affect the way you put your message across. Well, there’s a simple structure you can use that gives you a ton of confidence, which greatly improves the way you stand and deliver. Hundreds of thousands of untaught YouTube video-makers are using this secret structure everyday and making a pretty good living at it. You also have a message the world could benefit from. What good does it do to keep it to yourself, especially when it could be simplicity itself to get it out today? But see for yourself…  

    6 replies to "“Unbox” your message for successful videos"

    • Hannah Rose

      What a great insight!Thank you very much! (You would think an old teacher would have figured this out for herself! Teaching is just one demonstration after another!)

      • Steven

        Thank you, Hannah! Glad it was helpful. I can tell you like turning the lights on for others!

    • Stefan

      The very best ideas are usually very simple. And this one is so simple it is brilliant. Thanks Steve.

      PS it was good to see a frame or two of Ian Brodie nestled in there. His videos demonstrate your demo idea in action. Simple brilliance!

      • Steven

        Thanks, Stefan. Glad you picked up something helpful!

    • Violet

      Thanks Steve. This is so true! My blog videos I make that I like best, and that I think convey “me” the best, are when I wrap my content around a demo. And… you mentioned Feldenkrais! 🙂 (As a bit of trivia, “Feldenkrais” was one of the two final words for this year’s world championships spelling bee, which ended in a tie!)

      much appreciated –

      • Steven

        That’s a great observation, Violet. A demo will indeed bring out the real you; something to be considered when “you” is mostly what differentiates you from a standard service!

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