Entrepreneurs often feel the need to put on a happy face even when things are unclear. OK, that’s a euphemism 😉 And that’s fine if it gets you through the night.

But it can also lead to seeing an illusory path. We need a good sharp lens to help us see our next steps with clarity.

When you have clarity, you realize how lost you’ve been, how much time you’ve wasted, and how much you’ve given up while trying to make your business work.

This is about how to know what to do next. It’s about having more consistent clarity on what will always be an uncompromising dance with reality.

    2 replies to "What to do in your business when the path is blurry"

    • Rodney Ackermann

      Thanks for this Steve.
      It is just the perspective I needed today.

      Now, to put that into action. Today!

      • Steven Washer

        Awesome! Glad it showed up at the right time. 🙂

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